Monday, October 31, 2005

Punkin Patch

Little Man at the 'patch
And Monkey Boy

They had so much fun; Little Man went crazy for all the rides. He especially liked the miniature train that went around and around on a short track. It made me dizzy to watch him, but he enjoyed it. More Punkin pickin' pics here.

And what would Halloween be without the obligatory pics of the kiddos in their costumes?
Here is Monkey Boy, wondering "What the HELL is this about?"

Can I get out of this costume now?
Wait, this whole trick or treating thing isn't that bad afterall.

And here's Little Man in his cool DaddyMade costume. LM wanted to be "A Wobot"
And yes, this costume was as unwieldy as it appears. Poor LM was having a hard time keeping up with the other kids, cuz he couldn't run at all. But he didn't complain. He just kept saying "I am a Wobot and I walk a wobot walk". Bless him!

Well, at least 1 pair of Socktoberfest socks got done..

These are for Monkey Boy. I used Knitpicks' "Dancing" sock yarn. Less than 1 skein with plenty left over. I'm not sure that I like yarn with elastic in it; kinda hard to work with IMO. But the socks are CUTE and they fit well.

I used size 2 DPNs and just winged the pattern. I think I cast on about 30ish sts and did a 1x1 ribbing for the first 8 rows.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do not open till Halloween

Mist or ghost?

(Don't say I didn't warn you)

My son, the photographer

See, it's true: you lose all your dignity when you have children. Especially a 3.5 yr old that knows how to press the shutter button. Ask The Dearest how he knows.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


I joined Lolly's Socktoberfest a couple of weeks ago and totally forgot to blog about it. After some ruminating on which sock pattern to use, I decided to just wing it and make a pair of short anklets. I cast on 140 sts, knit six or seven rows and then did a row of K1, Ktog so I was down to 68ish sts. That gave me a little curly edge at the cuff. Then I just knit straight on for a regular ol' cuff down sock. I finished sock #1 yesterday...(ignore the shakey camera- Little Man was jumping on the couch while I was trying to take the pic). Now on to Sock #2 before I get hit with SSS (Second Sock Syndrome).

Now onto some randomness....
I've had a scratchy throat/runny nose for the past week and couldn't decide whether I was coming down with a cold or dealing with allergies. Turned out to be a cold; I now sound like a 50yr old smoker between all the coughing and hoarseness. I actually don't feel all that bad, but I sound *awful*.

Yesterday, Blythe and I went to a local craft fair called Artistic License. They had lots of different artists selling everything from handmade ceramics to dreamcatchers and handwovens. There were a couple of fiber artists too. I ended up buying a lovely little faerie for a Christmas present but no fiber *gasp*. There's another, more fibery festival in Torrance in early November that I want try to make...but that depends on how much work gets thrown my way over the next couple of weeks.

Now, off to enjoy a MNO (mom's night out) with my crafty friends....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thank you SP!

Score! Look what I got from my sweet Secret Pal!

Two Fiddlesticks shawl patterns - ones that I have been dying to get.
A cute sticky SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectency) sticky pad.
Pure Lanolin for my very rough hands (yum)
and some little flower shaped soaps.

Thank you Secret Pal, I love everything!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What I've been doing....

I've been in a knitting slump lately. I have a ton of projects laying around the house, waiting to be worked on, and all I can do is knit baby socks. For me, socks are comfort knitting- like mashed potatoes and gravy. They are easy to make and easy to finish. Socks are my choice whenever I feel like knitting something mindless but satisfying.

Why do I feel I need mindless knitting? Probably because I've ripped out no less than three projects in the last week. (Let's not mention the projects I ripped previously). My Diamond Fantasy Shawl is once again in the trash. I actually got up to the 3rd set of repeats when I realized that I'd made *another* mistake in the body of the shawl. The whole pattern was shifted very obviously sideways by at least two stitches. So I'm putting the DFS to rest for now; I have some Zephyr yarn (isn't it pretty?) on its way to me and maybe that'll get me going on it again on the shawl.

I won't mention the other projects I've scrapped lately; it's too depressing.

Part of my knitting ennui probably has to do with the fact that I have been working quite a bit lately. Lots of clients calling for Christmas card sessions means I have very little knitting time at night. The only time I can actually do my post processing is after the boys are in bed so that means time spent knitting is pretty slim. At least I managed to send some of Monkey Boy's photos to the printer (after 10 mos!). Here's a collage I put together for our hallway:

I also spent a little time spinning this week. Wanna see the finished product?

It's Blue Face Liecester- very soft and springy. I think I undertwisted the singles tho- they kept breaking when I was trying to ply them. There's about 320yds here.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Lookie what I got!

My Secret Pal sent me really cute, handmade card, check it out!

So I gleaned from the note inside that she's a mommy (like me) and will be attending the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. How fun!

BTW, this just made me realize that I *MUST* send my own SP6 her package this weekend. I have been so busy that it just keeps slipping to my "will do tomorrow" list. Sorry SP! I promise to get your package out to you ASAP, please be patient!

Kill me now

(Or "How I Spent My Thursday")

I came home from Knit Nite on Wednesday feeling kinda "ick". Well by 2am I was camped out on the bathroom floor because it was easier than getting out of bed every time I felt like I might barf. By the time Thursday morning rolled around I was pretty useless.

Luckily The Dearest was able to stay at home and watch the boys for me, because I was so sick all I did was lay on the bed or sofa all day. He ended up taking them out to the park and having a picnic. I'm sure that was more fun than watching me lay around, pale and wan and trying not to puke more. In fact I was so ill that I couldn't even knit! Just sitting up made me nauseous- ugh. By Thursday night I was feeling a lot better, tho I still hadn't eaten anything more substantial than a piece of buttered toast in more then 24 hours. Thank gawd for Otter Pops cuz those are what kept me hydrated.

I had a photo shoot scheduled for this morning with a one year old and his mom, so it's a good thing that I was feeling better. I guess that's the only advantage to the 24hr stomach flu- you generally feel pretty decent once it passes.

Before my run-in (no pun intended) with my flu bug, I managed to finish some fun socks for my lovely MIL:

I used some Henry's Attic Kona Superwash that I dyed ages ago. When I first dyed the yarn I wasn't very happy with the finished product so I added more color. After a while I realized that I probably added too much color. The finished yarn is pretty bright (as you can see!), but MIL likes bright colors and I think she'll enjoy these as house socks.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Better than an inkblot test...

Check it out-

Do you see what I see?

Ok, if you don't see it, turn it upside down.

NOW do you see it?

(BTW this is an actual stamp for sale. Maybe I should purchase one and make Christmas cards, whatcha think?)