Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Ancient "Yarn Curse"

I have a feeling that I'm under some kind of Yarn Curse. Every project that I've worked on lately has given me problems. Here's the latest fiasco:
It's kinda hard to tell from the photo, but take my word for it that the front and back of this sweater vest for Little Man are two entirely different colors. This happened even after I alternated between two different balls of yarn every two rows. The back is leafy green and the front is a more hay-ey green. I am SO aggravated that this happened.

When I bought this Patagonia hand dyed cotton, I made sure all 5 balls were from the same dye lot. I guess that doesn't mean much because look at how different the colors are. *sigh* And it's not like I'm not used to working with handpainted/handdyed yarns either....

Oh well, I decided I'm going to rip all the pieces tonight and re-knit everything, but switching one of the balls from the back to the front so the color should blend better.

On another note, look what The Dearest got for me...
Now I can listen to my audiobooks just about anywhere!


mamma said...

I'm sorry about your yarn curse. Can you burn some acrylic as a purifying sacrifice?

My dad gave me his old MPIO player, and it's the best thing in the entire world. I listen to it doing everything, knitting, dishes, laundry. You get the idea.