Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm moving!!!!!!

I've been blogging for over two years blogversary was actually March 13th! Hard to believe, but I've got over 500 posts here.

In the past few months I've gotten more and more frustrated with Blogger & the lack of the ability to customize by blog. Basically since I switched to Blogger Beta, it's been one thing after another. A really big PITA is my inability to reply to people's comments. As any blogger knows, comments are wonderful and I love replying to them. But Blogger Beta doesn't allow me to reply through email and when I tried using Haloscan to track comments, I lost all my Blogger comments.

So I've been looking around at other blog sites and finally settled on Typepad. The switchover has been mostly painless (still figuring out some things) and so far it looks good to me.

Come on over and take a look at my new place. Let me know how it looks for you! Update your bookmarks/feed readers!!! (My new blog has a built in feed subscriber at the bottom- yay!).

This blog will stay open indefinitely but I won't be posting here any longer. I'm debating whether to transfer it over- tho it'd be a hecka lot of work.

Oh, and fittingly, Love Thursday will be the first official post over there. See ya there!