Monday, August 15, 2011

A day at the beach and a letter to the tooth fairy

We have been trying to spend more time at the beach this year. The small men are finally big enough that I feel comfortable taking them by myself. I usually make them carry their own bodyboards and sand toys, which frees my hands up for all the rest of the junk we need to carry.

Our beach of choice lately has been Strands- the boys love taking the funicular and I love the fact that there's FREE parking...a rarity among beaches. The waves break shallowly and far enough out that the kids can bodyboard without getting slammed into the sand.

The Dearest accompanied us to Strands yesterday, bringing his new fishing pole to try out. This made the boys very happy as they got to fish with daddy and dig up plenty of sand crabs as well as play in the water.

The most exciting thing that happened was Monkey Boy *finally* losing his tooth. He was biting into a sandwich and suddenly started shouting that his tooth had fallen out. This baby tooth has been hanging on for over two months, and I was even about to call the dentist to get some 'help' with pulling it out. MB was so excited that it finally came out without help!

The funny thing is, last night he wanted us to help him write a note to the tooth fairy because MB didn't want to give up the tooth! So here's the note:

"Dear Tooth Fairy,
I want to keep my tooth. You can keep your money because I want my tooth. This is for good, so come back when my next tooth falls out.
(signed) Monkey Boy"


So did the TF let him keep his tooth??? Yes, she did...and she gave him a $1 gold coin to boot. Probably because he's just too much of a cutie: