Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giant Candy Corns!

finished product!
Styrofoam cones in various sizes (5 inch to 18 inch)
Yarn in yellow, orange, and white (I used cheap Red Heart: $2.50 each giant skein)

Gather up your supplies under the watchful eyes of your supervisor:
my supervisor
"Get to work already!"

My styrofoam cones were green so I asked Monkey Boy to paint the tops for me. We used white acrylic craft paint. This way the very tip of the cones wouldn't show up green against the white yarn when we wrapped it.
paint the tops

My supervisor is making sure the yarn is all there...
gather yer yarn

Then comes the tedious part: starting at the bottom, wrap the yarn around the styrofoam cone:
It's not difficult but make sure you occasionally turn the cone to cover all the green. When you're done with the yellow, go on to the orange, and finally the white.

supervisor checks out my work product
" need to wrap more..."

I didn't use glue or anything to hold the yarn sticks pretty well to the styrofoam so I just wrapped it up to the top and tucked under the last piece.
Here are the finished products:
finished product!
This is a super easy project- in fact Little Man did the front piece all by himself and it turned out wonderfully.'s a much easier project if you don't have this kind of 'help'....