Thursday, November 17, 2011

::thrify thursday::

Why is it when I go to the Goodwill to drop off donations, I always manage to come home with a little something?! It happened again a couple of days ago- I found a set of four vintage mugs for $3.99...the fun footed design caught my eye so they followed me home. I'm a sucker for the perfect coffee mug- these have a nice shape and size (I drink coffee slowly so narrow cups work well for me as they keep the coffee warm longer).

Here are the small men enjoying hot chocolate out of our "new" vintage mugs:
hot chocolate in new (to us) mugs

Evidently the pattern is called "Spice of Life" and was originally made by Corning/Pyrex:

Love the retro fruit and veg!

mmmm whipped cream!

These are probably about 30 years old....still in amazing condition and a fun addition to our everyday glassware.