Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My New Crumpler!!

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I had told the Dearest that I wanted a new camera bag for Christmas. I had a realllly old beat up camera bag that was actually too small for all my gear. Plus when I went on shoots I had to carry my laptop in a separate bag.

I showed him Crumpler's cool website and we talked about all the really fun and functional bags they had there. But I kept telling him to just get me something smaller and less expensive. Plus Crumpler didn't have any local distributors and I wanted to see the bags in person before I bought one.

Well the Dearest was at the local big camera store and the salesman told him that they *just* started carrying Crumplers! AND they had two of the backpack styles I was lusting over.

So Christmas morning I ran into the our home office to grab my camera off the desk where it usually is. Couldn't find the darned camera and yelled for the Dearest, "Honey, where's my camera???"

Then I looked down and saw the new bag, which the Dearest had switched out for my old one. Woohoo!!! I was excited!!!
Can I just say that I love this bag??? It has plenty of useful pockets and can hold ALL my gear + a laptop with no problems.