Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wow, a real live POST

Can you believe it?

I know I've been a very bad blogger (smack me with a wet noodle)...but here I am and I promise to post more faithfully now that the holiday rush is over!

I've to sooo much to talk about, but let's just start with this:
.This is my final SP6 package! My SP is absolutely wonderful- look at all the fun stuff she sent. PLUS she thoughtfully sent Da Boyz a couple of coloring books. Little Man was super excited to have a 'secret present' in the mail.
In case you can't tell, here's what all was in the box....2 coloring books for the munchkins, a package of Yankee Candle Fresh Roses candles/lotion (yum), a mernio lace kit with needles, some bath bubbly powder, a Chibi with the bent needles (needed that!), cute stitch markers, note cards & two cute monkeys! Little Man already stole the dark brown monkey!

OMG I have to go....Monkey Boy is getting into trouble....I'll be back to post again later tonight!


Christine said...

Oh Good! I was getting worried that it wasn't there yet!!! The monkeys were for the boys, too!