Thursday, December 29, 2005


-Lately Little Man has been addicted to a children's show called The Magic Schoolbus. This is suppposedly an educational animated show wherein the teacher (Ms. Frizzle, voiced by Lily Tomlin) drives a magic bus that can transform/shrink/grow into anything she wants. Ms. Frizzle is constantly taking her class on 'magic field trips' to such interesting and educational places as the digestive system, puddles of pickle juice and so on.

Umm...Yah. I can see where it's educational...but the whole digestive system show was Bad. And I meant to use that capital B. First the class boarded the Magic Bus and shrank so small that they were able to enter someone's mouth. They slid down the esophagus and ended up in the stomach, which was full of stomach acid as well as various remnants of their host's lunch. The show didn't end there, however. Let me just say that they *did* visit the large AND small intestines...and beyond. But don't worry, they didn't exit thru the poop chute- I think they managed to work their way up to the throat again and get coughed out.

Thank gawd.

And then there's the Microbe Gang episode. Which starts out with someone's prize winning cucumber ("I love my cucumber!") being replaced by a pickle. Ms. Frizzle then appears from a closet with a rather large, phallic looking object in her hand and announces that "My secret is out, I had hankering for a good pickle!".

Can you say 'double entendre'? (well, I can't, but you know what I mean!)

Anyways I spent the first 10 minutes of that particular epi with my mind in the gutter. Little Man was oblivious of course- he just loves the show!

-Our neighbors have replaced their regular shower light with a red bulb. How do I know this? Cuz the other nite I came back into our room from nursing Monkey Boy at 3 am and the light from said neighbors' bathroom window was shining rather ominously into our masterbedroom. It gave me the major creeps. Can anyone say "Redrum"? Or maybe "Amityville'?

- I started a pair of the Jaywalker socks. What a fun pattern- so easy to memorize and it's moving along quite quickly even on size 1 DPNs. I'm using some handpainted yarn from LaPetiteKnitterie's own collection; it's similar to Koigu KPPPM. Pictures tomorrow I promise...

-The Dearest has hijacked my laptop while his laptop is being worked on by the IBM gnomes. Evidently something got fried in his 'puter so he had so send it back to the factory. I forgot how difficult it is to check emails and blog when I am tied to the desktop in our office. There's no way Monkey Boy can be allowed into the office; last time he was in here, he tried to turn off the server. (As an aside, when Little Man was around 1yr, he came into the office with me and turned the server on and off SEVEN times. Needless to say, the Greatest was NOT a happy camper when he discovered what had happened. LOL)

-Big Trouble in Little China was on tonight. The letterboxed edition. Sweet.

-And a pic of Da Boyz with their new toy.....


Jan said...

My kids got that exact Jeep 2 Christmases ago- it still runs like a dream.

I always find double entendre in the kids shows. My favorite is the Roly Poly Olie movie where Pappy's happy gear goes bad and someone sends him a Tickle Pickle that chases him around. Good stuff. Or when the 8 yo was small and into Blues Clues, there was a commercial on the videos for Peanuts (Snoopy/Charlie Brown) and this one poor kid had a lisp so it sounded like "I love Penis. I want Penis for Valentines Day, Christmas Day my birthday. I want Penis EVERYDAY".

Aren't red lights supposed to be the universal sign of Prostitution? You know- the Red Light District. Maybe your neighbor is earning some extra cash to pay off the holiday credit card bills......