Thursday, February 08, 2007

love thursday

Oh what a week it's been! Both the small men are sick with some kind of pre-school borne plague. Yesterday we got a notice home from school that pink-eye is running rampant thru the student body (what kids are left after being hit with the current round of illnesses). I've been rubbing my eyes constantly since getting that notice. ugh

Things are looking up, though! Monkey Boy's fever is down under 100F and he's eating and drinking again. Little Man sounds less like an old Ford engine turning over when he coughs. Our household might actually be climbing out of the well of used tissues, 2am wake up calls and requests for sippy cups full of Gatorade.

In that vein, here's what I'm loving this week:

- my new box of goodies from Rebecca in Belgium (sorry for the lackluster pic, this is all I could get with Monkey Boy being so clingy yesterday):

yarn ahoy goodies
This is all from the Yarn Aboard swap. Lots of fun fiber (including some from a special breed of sheep called the Ossuem (sp?)). Rebecca had the roving in the plastic bag dyed especially for me by Hello Yarn. Sweet! There were also some lovely stitch markers (already being used) and a bar of delicious handmilled soap (also already in use), as well as a tube of yummy smelling hand cream. A little pink notebook completed the package. Thanks, Rebecca! And thanks again to Amanda for running the swap.

- the rovings sweet Chelle gave me for my upcoming birthday. Also the fact that Chelle remembered it was my birthday (cuz I had pretty much forgotten! LOL), and brought cupcakes to LPK last night for everyone.

- my new Chocolate Fatale soap from WyldeIvy. It's like showering with a big bar of chocolate....yuuuuum.

- finally getting my sewing desk in order (almost). I might actually be able to put my sewing machine on top today. yay!

- the Dearest, just because.


Woolfairy said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that your household has been hit so hard. B and I are sinus-y and I am coughing something fierce, but it hasn't reached the proportions that it has at your house. That pic of MB this morning was so sad! Anyway, Happy Birthday and now I wish the package I sent this morning had something for you in it. It's really for LM!

clothesknit said...

beautiful roving! i love the stuff she had adrian dye for you ;O)

Teyani said...

beautiful gifts that you have received!
Hope that the little guys are feeling all better soon.

Obsessed with knitting said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm sorry that I missed the cupcake celebration! Wishing you a wonderful year!

sprite said...

Wow -- one of a kind roving. How terrific!