Sunday, February 04, 2007

quilt-y potential and a visit with granny

Material Possessions, a local quilt shop, has a Superbowl weekend sale every year. They mark all fabric 20% off, then have a special selection of fabrics that are $3 & $4 a yard. This sale is usually controlled chaos- lots of ladies wearing appliqued sweatshirts jostling each other to browse the special selection fabrics. It all starts when the shop opens at 10am on Saturday and I heard that the line to get in the door was at least half a block long this year.

Luckily I didn't show up till I was able to walk in and the whole selection/cutting/paying process was actually fairly painless. I was looking for some fabric for a train quilt I want to make for Monkey Boy. I found all of these in the $4/yd pile:

for monkey boy's quilt

They might not all be used, but at $4/yd, I figured I could always make something else out of them if they didn't end up in the quilt.

Then I spotted some gorgeous 30's reproduction fabrics also at $4/yd. I wandered around some more and look at what I came up with:
a quilt for me? a scarf? dunno yet

The top four fabrics were $4/yd and the bottom one was 20% off $7/yd. I am seriously thinking of making a quilt out of these because I love the red and blue so much.

These will hopefully turn into a lovely chenille & patchwork scarf (similar to the one in Denise Schmidt's quilt book):

the start of a scarf

And somehow I couldn't pass up this sweet color combination:

day 35 of 365/photo a day
day 35 of 365

After shouldering my way out of the store (it was like being a salmon fighting its way upstream!), I met with the Dearest and my Mom for lunch with the small men. My Mom loves hanging out with them, and she spoils them rotten (isn't that what grannies are for?). Just a couple of images of the afternoon:

granny "p" and monkey boy
the trio
(more photos here if you're interested)

All in all, a great way to spend a lovely Saturday!


Mandy said...

GEORGOUS fabrics! And the pics of your kiddos are so adorable!

LLA said...

It was well worth the fight to swim upstream - look at all your fabric-y goodness! Can't wait to see the train quilt, and whatever else you choose to do!

It looks/sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Woolfairy said...

I have a nice little pile of fabric from that sale from last year! I went to a similar sale at my new LYS yesterday. And bought a book - the new Favorite Socks book from Interweave. With the Waving Lace socks pattern in it. :)

And I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the quilt. You really do have a wonderful eye for color.

Julia said...

I love your photos of the boys, so great. I take pictures of my little big head boy and they just don't come out right (even with the Canon!) Wonderful fabrics and such a fun day with grandmom.