Thursday, June 02, 2005

The $1200 'Coon

The A/C in my car quit working this last Monday, so I took it in yesterday for service. It should have been under warranty, but they called me this morning to tell me that my warranty wouldn't cover the damage.

Damage? What damage?

Umm....remember that raccoon I ran over not so long ago? The one that was the size of a Cocker Spaniel? And the "strange vibration" I was feeling from the engine afterward?

I guess hitting a 25+lb raccoon at 50 miles an hour will do a lot more damage than you think. The guys at the dealership said that my radiator and A/C condensor have been pushed up into the engine compartment and there's also some stuff knocked out of whack on the undercarriage. The car also needs re-alignment and some body work.

All to the tune of *at least* $1200.

(pick me up off the floor at this point)

So I call my insurance company and talk to them and thank goodness it's all covered under my comprehensive plan. (Can I just say that I heart my insurance co? Really, they're wonderful- the first thing that the woman on the phone asked me was "Are you ok?" and she sounded pretty sincere!) We have a $250 deductible but at least the rest of it will be covered. So I'm without a car for a week....maybe I'll actually get the house clean!

On a much brighter note, guess what I saw when I came out of the office this morning?


Christie said...

Wow. That's one expensive racoon.