Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I survived...

The Cold is finally leaving- tho I'm left with a lovely hoarseness and plenty of snot as a parting gift. At least I am feeling less like something to be scraped off the bottom of a shoe these days. Unfortunately, DH is in the midst of The Cold himself, poor guy.

Sis' wedding was beautiful. I should have taken more pictures, but between chasing Little Man around, dealing with The Cold, holding Monkey Boy and helping with the floral arrangements, I was too darned busy to pull out the camera. Since Sis had a pro photographer there, I'm sure we'll get plenty of pics.

Sis and new BIL are moving to Las Vegas next week and I'm not too happy about it. While Sis and I have not always gotten along (there was the time we chased each other around the house wielding hairbrushes like weapons in high school....), the older we get, the closer we are. New BIL has been especially wonderful for Sis and I'm sad that the two of them will be leaving us. I know they will be back often to visit, but it's not the same as having her 20 minutes away. Luckily they bought a house with a good sized guest room so I'm sure we'll be out to see them soon.

Now for knitting content...

I did manage to finish my Sweet Tart Cami before the wedding. I was the LYS, learning to single crochet around the arms and ribbing that morning and weaving in ends right before we left. I am very happy with the Shine yarn. It held the stitch definition nicely, has a wondeful drape and has already survived being washed & dried in the machine without incident. I think more Shine will be finding its way into my stash soon.

Still working on the Pinwheel Blanket. I had to get 4 more skeins of Koigu, but I'm not sure that I'll end up using it all. I want the blanket to be at least 30 inches in circumferance so it's big enough to be really useful. Right now it's only about 20 inches wide so I have a ways to go.

I just cast on for Butterfly using Noro Silk Garden#206. I forgot how rough SG is when you are knitting with it. It softens up a lot once it's been washed but man, is it hard on your hands!

I've been looking at knitting a shawl lately, and of course that means I need to buy some pattern books: A Gathering Of Lace is currently sitting on my nightstand and I've got Folk Shawls on its way to me. I wanted to do the Flower Basket Shawl from the fall 2004 issue of Interweave Knits, but of course that's the *one* issue that I haven't purchased. Look at this lovely version, and Felicia's pretty purple FBS.

I'll try to post pics tomorrow; the weather has been awful here for the past few days. It's cloudy and drizzling in the morning and we haven't seen the sun for nearly a week now. It *is* June, isnt' it?


Ween said...

Glad you're feeling better. I was getting worried about you. You find the cutest things to knit, I want to knit them all too!! Gina