Thursday, March 08, 2007

love thursday

Here we are again- has it already been a week since last Thursday?! Time flies, I guess! This week, I'm loving:

-listening to Monkey Boy & Little Man as we drive down the road at night-
MB: "Monsta! Heeeer come monsta, Ba-wai!" (Ba-wai is his word for brother)
LM: "Don't worry, I'll shot the monster with my golden pencils"
MB: "Shoot! Shoot! Me shoot!"
LM: (turns on overhead light) "This will scare the monsters away!"
MB: "Monsta go! You! Light! Monsta run!"
LM: (turns off light and makes shooting noises out the window)
MB: "Hep! Monsta coming, Ba-wai!"
LM: "Momma can drive faster than the monsters-"
MB: "Go fasta, mommy!"

They only play this little game a night in the car, and it's always started by Monkey Boy. One of these days I'll have to get the camera out to tape it.

-my new iron. We've had the same iron for probably 10 years- it was a hand me down from my dad's house when I moved out. The steam function hasn't worked in forever, and the temp control is kinda wonky (it doesn't get hot enough to press for quilting anymore). So I finally got sick of it and bought a new iron. Nothing fancy, but the new one is a lot lighter and actually produces steam. I sewed up a couple of pillowcases last night and it was so much easier to have working iron for pressing!

-fabric stash enhancement:

day 60 of 365/photo a day

-watching the small men play in the local pop fountain last weekend when the temps hit 80+ degress:
day 61 of 365/photo a day

-cardboard boxes

-Soulemama's new aprons/smocks

-cookies and milk for breakfast (don't tell the small men)

What are you loving this week?


Margene said...

I'm lovin' just reading about what you're lovin'. It always brings a smile to my Thursday.

Mandy said...

I'm loving:
-fabric stash enhancement, also, and planning sewing projects.
-the vacant house across the street is finally on the market.
-wee wonderfuls make-a-long story dolls.
-the yellow buds beginning to peek out on the forsythia bushes -- first sign of spring!!!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...


Cybèle said...

Discovering the world of sock knitting blogs

Spending an evening with my partner at my house instead of his, where we normally spend our time together

Having an afternoon with just my youngest and then one afternoon with just my oldest the next day, and enjoying spoiling them a little by getting them each a book for World Book Day and taking them to Starbucks

Finding ten minutes to do a bit of knitting

A parcel from Allison at Simply Sock Yarns with a very tempting sample.

Have just discovered your blog and you have two beautiful boys!

Christie said...

So cute!

Miss Scarlett said...

I am loving this post! Isn't it amazing how big their trust is? Mama can drive faster than monsters.
Too cute.
I am loving -
homemade cookies
coffee -yep one of those days!
new spring buds
how soon the clocks change
sleeping in tomorrow morning

Teyani said...

love the photo of the little man - what a great shot!