Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the party 'bot

Robot, that is:

The Party Robot shirt

I've been seeing lots of crafty bloggers making cool tshirts with double-sided fusible web (sold here under the name "Wonderunder") and wanted to try some myself. So I pulled out the scrap basket and made Little Man a 'new' tshirt with a robot appliqued on the front.

After ironing the pieces onto the tshirt, I embroidered around the edges. Since I'm still a total noob at embroidering, it's not the neatest job but Little Man thinks it's perfect. I like the how the shirt turned out too. As soon as LM saw it, he said "That robot is wearing a party hat! It's a party robot shirt!"

I see some more projects using applique and fusible web in the future.


Jan said...

Thx for identifying my flower. As soon as I read the name I smacked myself in the head- I only planted 100+ of them........;)

LLA said...

I think it's perfect too!

(Is it wrong that I'm totally coveting this shirt? I mean, it's a robot! With a party hat!!!!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Too cute!

Miss Scarlett said...

Too cute!
I just want to tell you that, I work in Preschool and we have decided to make each child the little pouch you posted yesterday as their good-bye gifts in June.
I am so excited about it.
They are the best little things. Thanks again for sharing!

Mandy said...

Inspiring! As in: I want to make that NOW!!!

Woolfairy said...

Adorable Robot shirt! And I love Wonder Under. I got turned on to it years and years ago when I was working in a fabric store as my summer job after high school. It was super popular then and I haven't heard people talking about it much, but I use it often and always have a little bit of a stash of it around here somewhere. People talk about Stitch Witchery, but I love wonder under. And this post proves I'm crazy. LOL