Thursday, March 22, 2007

love thursday & a crafty FO

this week I'm loving-

-the silence that befalls our house after 8pm when the small men are in bed and snoozing (can you tell that the Dearest is still out of town?)

-ice cream 'staches:

day 74/photo a day
day 74 of 365

-linear thinking:
linear thinking 2

-my new foundation from Meow Cosmetics (try it, you'll like it! And samples are only $1!)

-being blessed with a funny, sweet and supportive extended family

-the local library's online catalog...I can put all my books on hold and pick them up at our local branch. No more searching thru the stacks for me!

-banana chocolate chip muffins....with the banana and some whole wheat flour, these might actually be a little healthy....right?

-my new traveling bag, made in a frantic haste the night before leaving for San Francisco (because you HAVE to have a new bag when traveling! And what possesses me to start crafting the night before I'm supposed to leave???):

the front

the back

I've been eyeing the tape measure fabric for weeks and finally purchased some not too long ago. Love the pattern, but I wasn't sure what to use it turned out perfect for straps and a pocket on this little bag.

The beige twill material is some clearance linen-like stuff I had in my stash forever. It's quite thick and I think it's cotton. I tried to get a good shot of the interior of the bag, which is lined in a contrasting fabric, but the light wasn't cooperating with me. :( There are two large pockets inside- big enough for keys and a cellphone (or BART tickets and some extra change). The lining is lightly interfaced, but I probably could have done without that since the beige twill is quite heavy.

I didn't follow a pattern for the bag, just kinda threw it together. I wanted something quite deep and not too wide so things wouldn't fall out while I was walking around SF. The bag turned out perfect- my camera, wallet and phone fit perfectly with room to spare for a map and bottle of water. We even threw some sticky buns in there while walking through Chinatown.

on the shoulder

The big button is vintage from the stash G'Ma O gave me last year. There was a funny pucker at the top when I finished topstitching the bag and I covered it up with the button...which also happens to close up the top perfectly.

I like this bag so much that I've been using is in lieu of my normal diaperbag/purse since getting back from San Francisco even tho it's a bit too small for that. I might just have to make another, bigger one for everyday use.


Margene said...

Your son looks SO cute in that hat! The bag is perfect...the pocket the button..NICE work.

Noeysmommy said...

Cute bag. And I love the hat Little Man is wearing. Did you make it?

Christie said...

That bag is too cute! I thought you actually sewed together some old measuring tapes!

Hmm...may have to try out their eyeshadows or something. Thanks for the link!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

LOVE that picture of your son!!! And the bag is TOO CUTE!!!!!!

Violet & Rose said...

I'm just about to make a new bag myself, so good to hear your thoughts. It looks great, by the way.

Shar said...

Your boys are so adorable!!

Dawn Thomas said...

Oh I love the size and patterns of this bag. I too have to have a new bag before i take a trip! I do not sew but have the ruler fabric (i plan to construct something over Easter weekend) Thanks for the inspiration.
Dawn T

ali said...

Love the tape measure fabric!
Cute bag and cute kids!
Happy knitting,