Saturday, March 19, 2005

I was at Trader Joe's today and picked up two more of these little baskets. I first saw them about a month ago and was instantly hooked; they make great knitting baskets. They're lined with pockets inside and have a drawstring top to keep little fingers and dog noses out. Plus if it falls over in the car, knitting paraphenalia doesn't go flying everywhere.

Another nicety: they're really inexpensive. This is the medium size and it'll hold a sweater-sized project with no problems. It's only $8.99!

The funny thing is, when I first saw these baskets I mentioned to the cashier at TJ's that they would make great knitting baskets. So we have this discussion about how they work really well for holding projects and next thing I know she says she'll make a display to see if the baskets sell more quickly. Evidently they don't sell a lot of them as gift baskets.

Well, Yarn Lady is literally right behind this particular TJ's so lots of knitters shop at the market. I went in a week later & noticed that all the baskets were gone. I happened to get the same cashier and mentioned asked when more baskets would be coming in. She tells me that since they put up a display (cute little basket with yarn and needles sticking out), they've sold three cases of baskets. They normally sell 1 case a month! I told her it was all in the marketing....and hey, shouldn't I be getting a commission?


SiressYorkie said...


I really like that basket...gonna go look and see if Trader Joe's has a website.

Like your hand dyed yarn too...good job!