Thursday, March 24, 2005

So many projects, so little time....

I have a bunch of WIPs, but when I got Adorable Knits for Tots , the first thing I wanted to make was the Star Sweater for Little Man. It calls for Rowan's Cotton Glace and since I'm a cheapskate I went straight to Elann to find a substitute. I ended up ordering some of the Elann's Endless Summer Collection Sonata $1.98 a ball, it sure beats $7.50/ball for the Cotton Glace. The gauge/weight and fiber content looks identical to me so hopefully it will work. Here's my lovely Elann shipment along with the book and pattern.

I've heard that there's an error in the pattern; it calls for size 5US needles, but you're supposed to use size 3US. If that's the case I'm really glad I'm doing this as a child's sweater and not an adult's!