Thursday, March 17, 2005

Knit N Play

A couple of the moms in my Mom's Group got together today for a "knit n play". Which is supposed to mean we knit while the kiddos play. What usually ends up happening is one or two of us will knit while someone else referees the toy-induced wrestling matches. I usually don't get much done during the KnPs, but they sure are fun for the kids.

I worked on Little Man's shawl collared sweater from Debblie Bliss' "Baby Knits for Beginners". I'm using some of the luscious worsted weight merino from in the Deep Earth colorway. This yarn is so yummy and I'm actually kinda bummed so many people know about it now. After the review on KR , Marcos at Handpainted yarn was inundated with orders and they sold out of all the merino within a few days.

I've been ordering from Marcos' website since last year and always got great stuff at great prices; now I'm afraid he'll close up the web shop and go retail or something. Or (gawd forbid) raise prices.

Ah well, off to put the kiddos to sleep for a nap and some knitting time of my own.