Thursday, March 31, 2005

I've been practicing more on my spindle. Let's just say that my 'yarn' is very thick and thin! LOL I decided to take my spindle w/me to the LYS for the Wednesday night Sit n Stitch. One of the wonderful ladies there, Laurie, is a spinner extraordinnaire and she was nice enough to help me out.

It turns out part of my problem was the fiber I was using. It was some "extra" fiber thrown into an Ebay order I had received and according to Laurie, it was nasty stuff: all short ends from someone's carding. No wonder I was having such a hard time drafting the stuff! Laurie also handdyes gorgeous rovings and she had some with her so we started practicing with that. What a difference that made!!! It was SO much easier to draft her rovings that my yarn immediately started looking better. Check out the stuff on my spindle and the yummy rovings she gifted me with:

She said next week she'd bring some undyed Blue Faced Leicester for me to take home and dye/spin. The rovings above are also BFL. I could tell right away that the BFL was going to be easier to work with. The mystery roving that I had been using before actually made my fingertips feel stripped of oils while the BFL is almost silky.


--Deb said...

You know, I recognized that spindle right away as coming from Inspiration Yarns. I used to have one just like it!! (Then,after I not only had a wheel, but also a spindle I liked a lot more, I sent it to someone who wanted to learn to spin.) It's got a pretty distinctive look to it. You look like you're doing great.