Monday, August 01, 2005

It's a rasta hat! It's a purse!

It's the Pinwheel Blankie! I'm finally on the home stretch with this thing- just doing the garter stitch edging and trying to decide what kind of bobbles to add on. No one seems to believe it's a blanket tho- I get a lot of comments that it must be a hat or some kind of purse.


Christie said...

Very chic hat for the little one!

oliewogs said...

too cute!

Obsessed with knitting said...

how adorable is your son? I can't wait to see what the hat looks like off the needles.

btw - I liked your info about the bryspun circular needles, where did you get them? I'm very interested.

here is the website I told you about last night that allows you to take digital images and convert them to charts for patterns:

thanks also for letting the knitter last night walk away with your stitch markers - I have your replacements in my knitting bag and will give you them next week.