Thursday, August 04, 2005

Quick Q&A

When people leave questions in my comments, I always wonder if I should answer them there or create a post with the answers. I've had some questions recently and figured I'd better put out an entry rather than try to reply in the comments.

spaazlicious wanted to know what camera I use for my pics. It's a Canon 300D (better known as the digital Rebel), with a 50mm 1.8 Canon lense. It's the same camera I use for work. I *heart* my 50mm lense and pretty much use it exclusively. In fact I can't remember the last time I had another lense on the camera. The 50mm gives me really sharp photos and is pretty fast for the money, which is a must when shooting children. The only drawback is that it's fixed focus, so no zoom. I joke that it's 'manual zoom', meaning I have to run back and forth myself to do the 'zooming'.
Here's a pic with the 50mm lense:

*love* that tack-sharp focus.

cmknit asked if I'd tried Addi Natura circulars: Yup, and I really like them. They are perfect for really slippery yarns and they have that great Addi cord that never kinks.

arianie wanted to know what kind of wool I used for Little Man's socks. It's pure Blue Face Leicster that I had dyed myself. BFL is so soft and easy to spin. In my limited spinning experience, I prefer it to merino wool.

stephanie wanted to know where I got my Bryspuns- they came from Suzoo's Woolworks in Costa Mesa. I actually went back and got three more pairs in sizes 5, 6, and 10.5. I found the join was a little rough when working with really fine yarns like Alpaca Cloud, and taking an idea from the Summer of Lace group, I used some Crazy Glue to smooth out the join. Now they work *really* nicely and there's no snagging at all.

On the knitting front, I've decided to put my Silk Corset aside for a while and knit something a lot less frustrating:
New project
I'm using some Silky Wool in place of the Allhemp called for in the pattern. Can I just say that I really really really like the Silky Wool? It's so nice to knit with, and the colors are to die for. I'm using "Lava", which is a deep garnet red. Yum. I'll try to post pics of the WIP soon.


kittensmittens said...

I love suzoo woolworks! i love the fact that it is only 2 minutes away from me! (my wallet is less happy but, i ignore that)
I have kind of ignored my corset ever since I found out i probably won't fit me. I didn't frustrate me to knit on it though. that is the sad part.

well, happy knitting whatever your project.

Elspeth said...

Those colors are beautiful -- now I just might have to get some too, since it's not expensive at all (I don't think). I have some of the AllHemp but I bought the laceweight by accident so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it!

Obsessed with knitting said...

thanks for the bryspun info
I've never been to suzoo's - hopefully I'll be able to visit soon!

I'm a little concerned about the superglue work around though...I might need your assistance!

did michelle give you the stitch markers I gave to her to give to you?