Monday, September 19, 2005

Homemade fun...

We go thru a lot of playdough in this household. If Little Man isn't leaving it out so it dries up, Monkey Boy is attempting to eat it. I knew there were homemade playdough recipes available and I decided to try making some this afternoon. Of course Little Man was my lab assistant. We used this recipe and made two batches. One was pink (supposed to be red, but I didn't add enough food coloring), and the other was orange.

Here's Little Man showing off the finished product.

It was a lot of fun and quite messy, so I'm sure we'll be doing it again sometime soon.


mamma said...

You can add a package of kool-aid to the dough and that will not only color it but give it a nice smell. It won't help with Monkey boy eating it.
I'm not a huge fan of Martha Stewart but she does have a nice easy recipe for finger paint. You might want to try that sometime. It's good for fifteen minutes of fun and a half hour of cleaning.

Jan said...

You should try dumping a box of cornstarch in a baking pan and adding about 1/3 as much water. It makes a wacky supstance that turns to a solid when pressure is applied but is a liquid. So you can squeeze it and nothing happens, but when you let go, it drips all out of your hand. It keeps us occupied for hours, Mom too. Your scrapbook pages- awesome! Are you using one of those computer scrapbooking programs? Which one?