Sunday, September 25, 2005

Thumbs up

The very first ride we hit at Disneyland was the rockets. I seem to remember these same rockets (in a different color) being much higher and closer to Space Mountain. But it's been at least 15 yrs since I was at Disneyland so I'm sure they moved everything around.

Little Man had so much fun on the rockets. I think the park as a whole was a bit of sensory overload for him. He kept saying that everything was very loud. We only went on four rides: the rockets, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (which I had forgotten was *very* loud and kinda freaked Little Man out), the merry go round (much better for Little Man) and finally we hit the Pirates of the Carribean. At first he kept asking "get me out of here" on the Pirates ride, but eventually he got into it and had more fun.

We had the annual passes and they are great; it's so nice to be able to go for only a few hours without the pressure of hitting every ride. I can't wait till winter hits in earnest and the tourists go home. I remember when we were kids, the best time to go was on a day when it was raining or threatened rain because no one would be there and you could just walk on to any ride you wanted.

Dland was a hit and we'll be back again pretty soon (maybe even this next week).


Christie said...

How fun! Yeah, the Rockets were different - color and're not imagining things. I loved when I had an annual pass, my boyfriend and I could get on Indian Jones and go home...great for a cheap date night...