Monday, September 05, 2005


It's true: I have knitting ADD. I discovered this not too long ago, when I was cleaning out some of my stash and found at least four projects in various unfinished stages. These particular projects were so old that I couldn't really remember what a couple of them were. That's bad, especially considering that I have at least six or seven other current projects laying around the house that I'm supposed to be working on.

So in an effort to catalogue my projects, I've compiled a list:

Projects that are on the way to the frog pond:
Kiri in Elann's Peruvian Collection Cashmere- I decided that it was taking way too much work for me to keep up with the charts in Kiri. For whatever reason, I kept messing the darned things up so my Kiri is going to be ripped. I may try again with some Kid Silk Haze that I recently added to the stash (see below).

Diamond Fantasy Shawl in KSH- Nope, not working. I like the KSH, and I love the pattern, but together? Not so much.

Projects that I actually might complete:
The Dearest's sock in Handpainted Yarn's merino worsted- I've knit this sock at least 4x now and poor Dearest still has nothing to show for all that knitting. Thank goodness the HPY merino is so wonderful or I would've thrown the whole project out the window by now. First, I knit sock#1 up to the heel and when Dearest tried it on, it was waaaaay too small. 2nd try: I knit toe up and got to the heel again. Found out that I dislike toe-up patterns. Also found out the sock was too small AGAIN. More ripping. 3rd try: cuff down pattern with some cabling thrown in. About 6 inches in, realized that cabling was making the sock too small. Plus Dearest said it was kinda girly. Another frog pond trip. Currently 5 inches in on the 4th try; just a simple ribbing this time. Please Lord, make this sock fit and look right.

*&(*&*&^%^&* Silk Corset in Classic Elite Premiere- I actually got past row 12 (after FOUR tries). I pretty much chucked the chart out the window and have been following the written instructions (after re-writing them for myself, since even the written instructions are pretty confusing). I am determined to finish this thing if it kills me. Look for further cursing regarding this project in the near future.

One Skein Wonder in my own handspun: on the back burner for now. I work on it here and there, but it's a low priority so not much gets done.

And what's this?
It's my version of Knitpicks' Farmer Market Bag.
I'm using some Lamb's Pride Bulky in brown, green and orange. I'm hoping that this will be my Fall tote this year.

BTW Christie commented about my desire for a felted laptop cozy: I'm going to throw this out...because I didn't think of it until it was brought up to me. Static electricity. Bad for computers. Will felted wool hold a static charge? I'm almost afraid to use the felted case that I've made.

Good point! So I asked the Dearest: would I have to worry about zapping my laptop into oblivion if I knit up a felted cozy for it? His reply: The worst static charges build up when you have two types of fabric rubbing together. So a cozy-covered laptop in another bag (like a backpack) would build up a ton of static. Not so good. But if I just carry my cozy-ed laptop around under my arm (as I'm wont to do around the house), it should be fine.

So there you have it, straight from the Computer Guru's mouth. I think I'll be making me one of those cozies after all.


Elspeth said...

At least you can find your Silk Corset, mine is still missing! Good luck on getting some of those things finished! I suggest the OSW, it's relatively quick and your handspun is gorgeous!

Starknitter said...

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know my page is when you see the page there's going to be some journalism stuff on there, so jut to let you know that's for class.

Christie said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up. I will keep mine at home and just use the old bag I have in my rolling cart for the time being. Husbands are so good that way. :)

Jan said...

What's it mean when you are missing needles, that have to have a project on them, but you have no clue what said project is or where the needles are? At least you can find your WIP.....:)

Starknitter said...

Hey Sheree, it's Julie I was wondering if on Wed. you could help me with the ruffle scarf. I have the pattern but for some reason I'm confused on the wraping part.