Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some WIPs

I wanted Little Man to put my now-felted tote bag on his head again, but he wasn't having any of that. So this is the pic I'm posting, sorry you can't see the full size of the bag...blame it on onery 3 year olds.

It shrank about 1/2 the length & 1/3 the width so it's quite a bit wider than I thought it was going to be. I had some really cute handles I wanted to use, but they aren't nearly big enough to hold up a bag this size. Looks like I'll be making about 5 miles of I-cord for handles.
I was thinking of starting on the handles today, but it's about 95 degrees in the shade and much too hot to sit around with a skein of Lambs Pride Bulky in my lap. We are very lucky not to be near the fire area this time around.

The last time we had bad firestorms, they were close enough to drop ash on us for days. The sky was dark with smoke and ash. This photo was taken around noon in October of 2003. Check out that artificial sunset effect.

Fire season and the Santa Anas always freak me out. We live in a high fire risk area, near a natural brush canyon. Our home is about 2 miles from the parts of Laguna Beach that were totally destroyed by fire a decade ago. In fact, we can see the backyards of some of the rebuilt homes from our balcony.

The Dearest and I have talked about what we'd save in an emergency evacuation (besides the obvious kiddos and dog): he always tells me to remember to take the server. I worry about wedding photos and yarn. I *am* sick, aren't I?

And talking about sickness: here's another shot of my ever-a-work-in-progress @#$# Silk Corset. Remember how I was whingeing about the crappy I-cord cast on I did for the armpits? Well, no more worries- I frogged back to the armholes and re-knit the whole thing. After trying the corset on, I realized that the armholes were way tight. So I re-knit them, adding 6 extra sts to the armhole and using an e-loop cast on in place of the awkward I-cord caston.

Hopefully this will be the last ripping I'll have to do for a while on this piece. *Praying*

One good thing about the hot weather:

Monkey Boy got to play in the sprinklers for the first time.


Noeysmommy said...

Your boys are beautiful!! Love the colors of your bag too.

Kent said...

That bag is so cute from what I can see of it! The picture is darling and you should do a layout of it before and after with the pics of you son with it over his head. Haven't tried felting a bag yet - looks like a fun project.