Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fresh air and fresh eggs

One of the Dearest's clients has a little avocado farm near San Diego, and every time the Dearest has to go down there to do work, the client says "You should bring your family down and play on the farm."

Today we did just that. The boys were wowed by all the avocados (Monkey Boy kept trying to pick up green ones and eat them). There was a whole henhouse full of beautiful chickens, a mini vinyard, 40+ acres of avocado trees, bee hives and (the biggest hit of all with the boys) a golf-cart/atv to ride around in. The caretaker, Juan, has four kids of his own so he was great with Little Man. LM was super excited to actually get the chance to "drive" the "jeep"- Juan let LM sit in his lap and help him steer. Best of all was Abraham, Juan's 5yr old son, who led LM all over the place and told him the names of all the chickens, and where to watch for snakes (!), and which oranges were the best to pick.

We came home with two huge boxes of lemons, avocados, oranges and pummelos. They also had some macadamia nut trees. LM and Abraham crawled all under the trees and came out with their hands and pockets full of nuts. Later Juan showed us to how crack them open using a hammer. I don't actually like macadamia nuts, but they taste very different when they're raw. It's a coconut-y taste and texture that agrees with me.

Unfortunately I didn't take my camera with me around the farm because I already had my hands full with Monkey Boy. So here are some pics of the stuff we brought home:

really fresh eggs
*really* fresh eggs....I love the green one on top

how to crack fresh macadamias
cracking the macadamias with a hammer
taking them out of the shell
picking them out of the shell
Yummy nuts!
LM shows off his macadamia


amanda said...

What a great day! And you came home with all that fresh goodness -- lucky you :o)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm your secret dye pal for the dye-o-rama. I'm having trouble emailing you for some reason and needed to know what colors you prefer so I can dye your sock yarn! Could you email me at with the information! Thanks!

Buffy said...

My kind of day.

I'm all about avocados lately.

NaughtyVoyeur said...

I love avocados. While in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.. I had the most amazing avocados. It's all I ate! But in Missouri, it's just impossible to find a good avocado. ..sigh..

NaughtyVoyeur said...

Oh, and your son is beautiful :) You have amazing kids.

Anonymous said...

Here's your secret dye pal again! I just wanted to see if my email to you got through a few days ago, I emailed to see what weight yarn you prefer, fingering or slightly less that dk weight, those are the yarns I have to dye (both are superwash). The email didn't bounce, so just wondering!