Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Little Man the Artiste

Little Man loves to draw and recently he's been really fascinated with robots. I love his drawings, they are so sweet. The robots always have happy faces with big eyes, and LM usually has a story to tell me about each one.

I wanted to make a bag or Tshirt with one of his drawings on it, and yesterday I finally did it. I used freezer paper, traced one of his drawings onto it and used that as a stencil. Here's the original drawing (sorry for the darkness of the photo- it was *dark* today):
robot drawing

And here's the new shirt, a Little Man Original:
first freezer paper stencil

Freezer paper stenciling is sooo easy and fun, I'm getting hooked. I spent over an hour today looking at different images for more stencils. Monkey Boy is getting a new shirt tomorrow and I want to stencil on a couple of my old T-shirts (hopefully covering some stains! LOL).


Christie said...

I see a famous T-shirt designer! How cute is that!

Jenna said...

The funny thing is, my boyfriend would LOVE that shirt!

craftymodster said...

Your son's design is tops...how cool he can wear it! It's a coincide, but I spent the better part of yesterday, too, making my first freezer paper stencils/tees! Fun, addictive stuff (I plan to do more today...uh-oh!). My son made one too (my dd handpainted hers (she's 4).

Love your blog. I am happy to have found it via flickr!

devinemom said...

i love the freezer paper method. what ink did you use?

NaughtyVoyeur said...

That is adorable! I was browsing around to see if anyone else called their son Monkey Boy.. and your blog came up :) It's an adorable idea. I'm going to search on the net to see if I can find out how you did that.. VERY cool!!

Elspeth said...

That is so cute! CafePress here you come!

In my favorite book, "Spider Webb's Pushing Ink" someone got a tattoo of their kids' drawings. It was really cute.

Juls said...

That design is fantastic, and you are so clever to memorialize his art that way.

LLA said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this shirt!

Hippy Mama said...

That's AWESOME!!

I lovelove love it!