Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm alive, I really am

Yes, I know it's been *awhile* since I posted. I could give the usual blogger excuses ("too busy" "lost my camera" "nothing interesting going on"), but honestly I just didn't feel like blogging. But the blog bug has bitten again, so here I am with much randomness:

Mother's Day: Mine was great! DH washed my car for me, then we went to lunch with my mom and stepdad, where yummy Chinese food was had by all. I got to take a relaxing afternoon nap while DH & Little Man went to the hardware store. Later that night DH presented me with the cutest little basketweave purse full of yummy Bath and Body Works stuff. Very sweet, especially since he said that he picked the basket/purse because he thought I could use it for a knitting carryall.

WIP Roll Call:
Step Socks for Sis: One down, the second is about 1/2 the way down the cuff.

DH's Sandy Socks: I thought I had a pic of this, but it turns out I don't. Anyways, I'm done with one sock and am starting the instep of the second sock.

Project Spectrum Socks: First one done, 2 inches into the cuff of the second one.

(does anyone sense a sock theme? I didn't realize that I had so many socks going right now!)

I just finished these cuties for Monkey Boy out of my own handspun:
Monkey Boy Socks

I'm still knitting on the Tshirt Sweater from Ella Rae. The back is about 10 rows from being finished. I had a scare when I realized that I didn't have enough yarn to finish the front. I'd bought four skeins of Malabrigo "Red Pearl", which should have been more than enough- I had over 800yds of worsted and the pattern calls for only 650yds of a DK weight yarn. Luckily one of the ladies at LPK (where I'd bought the original skeins) was willing to part with one of her skeins so I'll actually be able to finish the sweater.

As for Veste Evereste, I had to spin this up before I could start on the back.

All of my stalled sweater projects meant that I had to start something I could actually finish. Plus I didn't have a project in mind for May's Project Spectrum color of green. So I decided to try Green Gable:
Green Gable
I'm using Cotton Fleece in "Rue". I've tried it on and so far it fits pretty well. The neckline doesn't flop over when I'm wearing it, thank goodness. GG is just flying along (good TV sweeps knitting)- maybe I'll actually finish it sometime soon!


Freecia said...

How Funny! I'm thinking of doing that pattern too, thanks to a suggestion from knitter's review as an alternative to the Handmaiden Cap Sleeve Kit.