Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's May, right?

I ask because for some reason I "lost" April. This morning I woke up and was surprised to realize that it's already May 20th. What happened to April and the first 20 days of May???

Anyhew....My Project Spectrum spinning for April is finally done:
Finally! April's Project Spectrum done!
Nearly 400 yards of handdyed BFL I got from ebay (can't remember the seller). Light worsted weight and probably destined for socks (for me!).

And I was finally able to take pics of my Mother's Day present from the Dearest:
My Mother's Day Gift
Isn't it cute? The lining can be extended upward and it has a drawstring so the Dearest thought it would make a good small project bag for knitting. I've actually been using it as a purse since it's so Spring-y.

Last night I spent about 2 hours working on my Green Gable sweater. Some of the ladies on the GG KAL said that their sweaters grew a lot during blocking, so despite my having a 39 inch bust, I'm making the 38inch size sweater. But now I'm worried that the sweater will be too tight over the girls. After trying my sweater on, I decided to attempt some short rows to make the bust less tight. An hour (and much ripping) later, the short rows were out and I just threw in three sets of increases around the bust. I'm going to decrease them away and hopefully that will do. If not, my Sis would love a Green Gable!


Chelle said...

The bag is cute. I can't wait to see the finished Green Gable. The color really is perfect for you!

Monica said...

I'm with you, where did April and May go???

Pretty colors in your handspun!