Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This, that, n t'other

A few months ago, I found a big box of old baby clothes in Monkey Boy's closet. The box included Little Man's 'going home' outfit, some tiny little onesies and his first pair of socks. I didn't want to give the clothes away because they are so precious to me- they remind me of LM as a baby. Each little outfit brought back some memories of LM's first year with us and how much our lives changed. But I didn't want to keep them in a box, either.

For a while I toyed with the idea of putting one or two outfits in a shadowbox frame and hanging it up. Then I saw this:

It's a quilt that Hillary made from her son Oscar's baby clothes. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a quilt out of the LM's baby clothes, too. The only problem? I didn't really know how to make a quilt. Luckily I live very close to Material Possessions, a quilt shop with some great classes. I signed up for a Beginning Log Cabin Quilt class and attended the first session last night.

We chose our fabric and thank goodness for the teacher's help because I was pretty overwhelmed with all the choices! Originally I thought I'd make the quilt out of the baby clothes but then decided that it would be better to make a practice quilt from other fabric first. Here are the fabrics I choose:

The pinks are the "dark" log cabin strips, the yellow is the center square and the greens are the "light" strips. The floral is going to be the outside border. I love the colors- they are sooooo girly and fresh. Wish me luck on cutting & sewing the strips all straight!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was perusing the goodies at Les Bon Ribbon, Little Man asked to go play in the backyard. I let him out and got about 15minutes of peace and quiet before I got suspicious. As any mother knows, the quieter your kids are, the more likely they are getting into something they shouldn't, playing with something dangerous, or making a mess. This is what I found when I looked outside:
water + dirt = funsave the plant
toes in the river of his own making
He claims that he was making a 'river' and planting some seeds. I think he was just having a grand old time making a muddy mess of himself. LOL I'm not sure the mud stains are going to come out of his shirt, but it's currently soaking in some Oxyclean so we'll see.


HomeJewel said...

Lovely - lol. I think I own that shirt in the same condition.

I think you'll really enjoy quilting. Log cabin is a good one to start on. You chose fun colors!

Ween said...

Yep, Mud. My guy plays in the mud all time making rivers too!

You'll enjoy quilting ... cuting straight likes is a breeze with your rotary tool and a ruler! I love the process of building a quilt. I've made a few of my own design, but have never done a traditional pattern. I love the fabric you chose. Actually I think the calico prints(gag) are what usually steer me away from the traditional.

Theresa said...

That is going to be such a precious quilt - a real treasure. Definitely a good idea to practice first!

Monica said...

What a great idea (quilt)! Hehe, he sure got a lot of mud on himself while making a river...