Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Today is LM's birthday. It's hard to believe that my 'baby' is now four years old! We are planning a Pirate Party for him tomorrow, at the local park. He's so excited that he could barely go to sleep tonight.

I'm probably not going to get much sleep tonight either, as I still have to finish the following before his party starts at 10:00am:
-prepare cold cut platters
-slice all the rolls and croissants for sandwiches
-fill the treasure chest pinata
-finish making his pirate ship cake (hopefully it will look something like the pic above)
-make a freezer paper T shirt with a skull and crossbones on it to match his pirate pants.
-finish matching pirate pants for Monkey Boy
What else am I forgetting? Probably alot, but I really should get back to work and finish up this post!

Since I'm addicted to the mosaic maker at FD toys, here's a little mosaic of LM's first few weeks.

LM's birthday mosaic
(from top left: 20minutes old; 5 days; 1 week; bottom left- 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 5 mos)


Christie said...

precious!!! haapy b day to lm. try to get some rest!!

HomeJewel said...

aww - so sweet! Happy birthday to your son :)

Leigh said...

What a cutie! Have fun tomorrow.

Noeysmommy said...

Oh! He's just so sweet!

Monica said...

Awesome cake, and what a cutie! Happy Birthday, LM!