Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Krista completed

Ok, I took like 20 photos and this is the only one that turned out halfway decent. Even a professional photog has a difficult time taking flattering/nice photos when it involves balancing the camera on the stairs, setting the focus and running to the correct spot before the self-timer clicks.

Finished Krista

FO Report:
Krista from White Lies Designs.
Started/finished: June 19th, 2006/ July 16, 2006
Size: 42inch finished bust
Needles: Knitpicks' Options circs, sizes US5 and US7

Yarn: Subbed stash yarn- Rowan All Seasons Cotton in the discontinued Orkney color. Yarn purchased from Jannette on Ebay last year. The pattern calls for approx 600ish yds and I used every last inch of the 6 balls of ASC that I had. I was really sweating it at the end- I barely had enough yarn to seam the sweater!

My changes: Subbed the yarn. Added about 1 inch to the body of the sweater. Other than that, I followed the instructions pretty much to the letter. The pattern is well only got confusing when it came to the front neck and arm shaping, which happens at the same time as a change in the lace pattern. I did have to rip that part out once, but had no problems at all the second time. Added single crochet around the front neckline to prevent rolling/looseness. Added 4 rows of garter stitch around the bottom because my first version rolled terribly and I was afraid that it wouldn't block out. The directions don't call for a border.

Comments: I love the way the ASC knitted up. I've never been a fan of knitting with cotton, but ASC has just enough give in it that my hands don't get worn out. The sweater was originally started on some bamboo (Clover?) circs, but they weren't sharp enough so I switched to the Knitpicks circs with their lovely sharp points. They were perfect for digging into all the SSK and K2Tog.

The sweater fits me pretty well overall; the sleeves are a little puffy at the shoulder and I"m not sure why. I *think* it might be because the sleeve cap is too short so when I raise my arms it rides up. I'm very likely to knit the sweater again and will increase the length of the sleeve cap next time. Though the next incarnation of the sweater may be a tank top instead.

Even tho ASC is a heavy yarn, the lacework makes this a fairly cool sweater. It's quite wearable and The Dearest says it's flattering, so I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

***ETA a couple more photos. Flickr took a dump while I was trying to upload some pics earlier. Now that it's working again, here are they are:

closeup of single crochet
The neck lace and my single crochet

body lacelace border
the lace pattern on the body; the added garter stitch edge


Christie said...

Very nice! and you used my fave yarn!!!

Shar said...

Very nice, I've never used ASC before. I love the knit picks needles. I agree that it makes K2TOG much easier.

amanda said...

Beautiful! It really is a gorgeous top and it looks fantastic on you :o)

Noeysmommy said...

It looks great on you! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

ASC is nice to knit with. I wish I was brave enough to attempt lace...

It turned out great!

Lynda said...

It's beautiful! You should wear it often!!

Abigale said...

Oh, it came out so nice! I've been eyeing that pattern myself. I love the ASC as well - so nice and sproingy to knit with. It really is flattering - good job!!


Karen said...

Bravo! That is a beautiful top! It does fit you perfectly and is very falttering. Enjoy wearing it!

Karen said...

Bravo! That is a beautiful top! It does fit you perfectly and is very falttering. Enjoy wearing it!

Karen said...

Crap. Not only did I post twice, I also don't know how to spell flattering. Duh!

Valerie said...

Looks beautiful!

BTW, if you ever have the issue of not having quite enough yarn to seam, you can always split a plied yarn in half and do the seaming with the halved pieces. I usually do this anyways, just to have less bulky seams.

kimberly said...

Gorgeous and you look fab in it!! Damn, you take great pictures no matter what. :)