Sunday, July 16, 2006

Now I've gone and done it...

I've sold my soul.

Witness my new ride:
sold my soul, I did

It's not as sexy as an SUV, but my cheap-ass-ness won out over any self-esteem issues. Our new van was about $10k less than the comparable SUV, safer, and more fuel efficient. Plus Little Man proclaimed the self closing side doors "Too cool!".

I said the same thing when we returned to the parking structure after dinner tonight. The moron next to me on the driver's side was parked thisclose to the van. Even with sliding doors, it was an effort to get Monkey Boy into his carseat. I couldn't open my driver door- I had to climb in thru the passenger side and slide into the driver's seat. Much easier to do in the van than it would have been in my old car.

And there's so. much. room! The interior is cavernous....I'm almost afraid that the boys will get lost in there. I still haven't figured out how to store everything due to all the cubbyholes and storage lockers. Just give me some time, tho and I'm sure I'll be able to fill it up with junk.

I do miss my old PT....she had the most gorgeous paint. This is the best image I could find of the paint job (look at the background, not the cute kiddos in the front). Little Man almost started crying when I explained that we would be leaving the 'cwuiser' at the dealership today. He insisted on saying goodbye to the car, which made the sales guys grin. He cheered up considerably when he realized that the windows on the van rolled almost all the way down, and he could get in and out all by himself ("like big people!"). But tonight he did tell me that we need to paint the new car purple to match the old one.

On the knitting front, I've *finished* my Krista sweater!!! After publishing this post, I'm going to weave in the rest of the ends and press the sweater lightly. If it's not 10000 degrees tomorrow, I'll put it on and get a pic for a FO report.


amanda said...

You're brave! Maybe you guys can get it an extra cool paint job like the PT had :o)

Lynda said...

Yeah - I'm voting purple flames on the new van!

I did the minivan thing for many years- you're right, they're not sexy, but there's a reason every mom drives one.... perfect kid car.

Karen said...

I had one too when my kids were young. They are great for that time of your life. Plus with the price of gas these days, I would have chose a more fuel efficient car too. Enjoy the new car!

Leigh said...

I vote for purple paint, too! Then you'll never loose it in the parking lot.