Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sailing, sailing, over the open sea....

Be forewared:
Lots of pictures of cake, cutie pie kids and a video. No knitting content herein.

So, wanna see my version of the Pirate Ship cake? I baked two 9x13 inch yellow cakes last night and let them cool overnight on the counter. This morning I got busy cutting and icing....
Step 1: cut 2.5 inches out of one of the 9x13 layers and stack it on top
step 1

Step 2: cut the remaining cake in half, stack 1/2 on top:
step 2

Step 3: cut into the shape of a boat
step 3

Step 4: spread on icing
step 4

The finished product- I used licorice for the cannon and scored the icing with a fork to make it look like wood.
a ship of the line

And LM blowing out the candles:

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(note the use of a serving platter as a shield, since a breeze started up AS SOON AS we tried to light the candles. Of course.)

The party went great. Every self-respecting pirate needs a sword, so I gave out inflatable swords, bandanas, eye patches and self-stick moustaches to every party goer. The inflatable swords turned out to be the right choice (as opposed to hard plastic swords); the kids had a ball using them to whack slow moving adults as well as each other. I didn't get a chance to catch any of the kids in the whole get-up, except for LM....hopefully one of the neighbors will have a pic to share.

My to-do list from last night included making a pair of shorts for Monkey Boy that matched LM's pirate pants. I was actually able to finish the shorts and here they are:

I also have pictures galore from the party. See them here if you're interested.

The next post should have some knitting content, I promise!


Noeysmommy said...

Wow! What a great cake! and your party looked like great fun!

Dani said...

The cake came out adorable, the shorts perfect and it looks like a great time was had by all! GO YOU!!

spaazlicious said...

So...much...adorableness...can't take it...aaaaaaaarghhh!!!

(seriously, could your kids be any cuter? How cool is the expression on his face when he blows out the candle that rockin' cake his mommy made? His eyes seem almost on "wow overload.")

NaughtyVoyeur said...

What a wonderful cake!! Arrrrr :)

kimberly said...

What an amazing cake!! You really do a fabulous job. Impressive. Isn't it fun to do these things for the kids and watch their day-long smiles? I love it.