Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a little Labor Day lookie & buttons, buttons, buttons

First the video (make sure you stick around for the *end*):

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And then the buttons:
the buttons
When we were visiting with the Dearest's clan over the weekend, my lovely MIL let the boys play with several jars of buttons. There were all different sizes, shapes and colors of buttons, some of which were obviously very old. MIL said that the buttons were from her mom and grandmother. I couldn't believe the treasure trove of vintage goodies she had stashed in all those jars! When she saw how interested I was in the buttons, MIL instantly gifted me with them. Lucky me!

Here's a shot of one bag of buttons....she said these are probably bone or ivory. Anyone know?
vintage buttons

I've been wanting to make a button necklace for quite some time now, but I didn't have enough buttons. Now I do thanks to my sweet MIL.

Little Man, like most kids, loves playing with the buttons. He immediately picked out a couple of large anchors to put on a shirt. I'm trying to figure out how to sew them onto either a shirt or maybe a tote bag for him.


Beck said...

Cute video! As for the buttons, as a kid my Nanna had two tins full that I would spend hours (and I mean hours!) playing with. I wish I had gotten them from her before she moved but now I'm not sure if she still has them even.

jill said...

Your boys are just the right age to make "button soup" and string them while you craft. I kept all the girls occupied with the button jar back in the day. Button soup is simply giving them a plastic bowl (old maragine tub works great) and a spoon, table knife, whatever they want. We had many button "feasts" over the years and truthfully, I think my buttons are lonely now.

Ween said...

Ah Buttons! Such great memories of hours playing with my grandma's buttons. I think I've got the jar somewhere in her stash, I'll have to look for it. Jack is the perfect age to start playing with them. Thanks for taking me back to a great memory!!