Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Can I just say...

Two things:

Blessings upon babysitters (cuz mine just saved my life today- I've had 4 days of all boys all the time & *needed* a break. I dunno how single parents do it, they are true superheroes)


Further blessings upon the inventor of air conditioning (cuz it's 98-freekin-degrees at 1pm! Isn't there a law or something against this much heat and humidity in Southern California?)

And if you're wondering about the flurry of blogging, it's all due to the fact that the majority of my conversation over the past few days has consisted of "Do you have to go potty?" "What are you *doing*?!" "Stop that!" etc. etc. ad nauseum. So you, dear readers, are getting the brunt of my repressed adult convo. :)


Arianie said...

I empathize your situation especially with two younguns. It gets above a 100 degrees here in Houston TX. I'm glad storm Emily is in town this week...not that I want those poor people on the Gulf Coast to get flooded and lose their homes, but it's been raining and have been a bit cooler since...where exactly on the West Coast are you? I used to live in La Jolla, San Diego. It was nice weather all the time. I miss the beach and ocean!

~ Arianie

Christie said...


shizzknits said...

Arianie, we're in OC, near Laguna Beach. More inland, tho.

I visited TX a few years ago to hang out with family and it was HOT! But the super friendly people made up for it. :)

Elspeth said...

I know just how you feel. My DH works constantly (but locally) and I'm taking care of our boys all day every day. Hope you had a great break!