Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Is it just me?

Or does anyone else have problems reading the damned verification 'word' on Blogger? I swear, sometimes I have to type it in two or three times because the letters are all jumbled up and I can't tell if it's a "j" or an "i".


And Lady E grows....she's about 42 inches long now, which is about 15 sets of tiers. I have two balls left of Noro and I think I'll do one more ball before I try casting off. Not sure yet if there will be fringe like the book, or if I'll be doing tassels (or nothing at all).

Alas, no pictures of Lady E as it's dark and rainy today. The boys and I have been cooped up all day (with the exception of swim lessons this morning), so there have been few free moments to whip out my camera and take a snap of the Lady. Tomorrow is Self Portrait Tuesday and I haven't had time to do that either.

Call me Slacker. I'll answer.


Jan said...

There are plenty of times I *know* I typed the word verification right, but it makes me try again....

Christie said...

Word verification = bane of my existance.

I understand why people use it tho.

may said...

hehe, i have the same problem

that yarn in the previous post is beautifulll!

amanda said...

Yo' slacka' woman! I totally have problems with those verification words.

Elspeth said...

I just screwed up the last one, then it comes back with a longer, harder to read one!