Friday, February 03, 2006

Trip to FrustrationLand


I've been running around the 'net looking at non-knitting blogs and ran across this. How cute is all that crafting??? After looking around online for Japanese crafting books, I realized that I live pretty close to at least three or four large Japanese markets. Last night I decided that I would take the boys to Mitsuwa for a little shopping trip.

First we went thru the foody side of the store. I love Japanese snacks. Going down the snack aisle is always fun. Half the time there are no English translation on the packages so I have no idea what I'm really buying, but that's part of the thrill. I let Little Man pick out a package of cookies shaped like ice cream cones. Monkey Boy got some "Babee Kookies", which turned out to be very light graham-crackerish cookies in the shape of a baby's face. We also got some dried, seasoned seaweed (which is one of LM's faves), a bag of crunchy peas, and some dried, seasoned squid (my special treat). The dried squid sounds nasty but it's akin to beef jerky in texture and tastes a little like teryiaki. Everything except the squid is in the pic above.

After grabbing some pre-packaged sushi, we paid and headed over to the bookish part of the store. Fortunately I was able to find the crafty section pretty easily considering everything was in Japanese. Unfortunately I was forced to carry Monkey Boy because no carts were allowed in the book section. Since most of the books had little or no English on them, it was really hard browse. I was able to pull books off the shelf but couldn't really look thru them because Monkey Boy kept trying to grab them out of my hands.

Then Little Man announced that he needed to go potty.


At that point I decided to cut my losses and we left the store. I'll go back one day soon sans kiddos so I can actually browse comfortably.


Jan said...

Oh geez- you eat the squid too? Dh runs me out of the house with the Shrimp Chips and Dried Cuttlefish. The smell kills me (but I admit they taste good)

We have some great Oriental Markets nearby for food shopping, but they don't have a craft section...which reminds me I need to go buy some more rice candy...

shizzknits said...

Oh man the Shrimp CHips are the BEST!!! Love'em! LOL

Laura said...

Thanks for the tip on the Rowan magazines. I could not resist such a steal.

Boy do I love those crunchy peas. They are so yummy!

Leigh said...

Mmmm... Shrimp chips... and red bean paste doughnuts...

Material Possession has a bunch of Japanese quilting books, but I don't know if there's any other crafts mixed in their stock. (And not that its any easier to look with children).