Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yarn P0rn....

I know I haven't been posting much lately. Monkey Boy has dropped one of his naps and become much more of a climber/wriggly worm so my blogging time has really been cut. Much knitting has been going on but there's not a single FO to show for it.

So, since I can't take pics of finished about some Yarn P0rn? I belong to the yarncoop group on Yahoo and we recently finished a coop with 100purewool from Ebay. Their yarn is very similar to the worsted weight merino from Malabrigo/ Here's what arrived in a big USPS box yesterday....

"warm ice"



A couple of colorways I forgot the names of...
IMG_9222 copy

I'm thinking of using this for the "hourglass sweater" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
IMG_9219 copy

And I'm not so sure I like this colorway. It's kinda meh if you ask me. Not enough contrast between the pinks/browns. And even the pinks/browns are a little too washed out. I only got two skeins of this though, so it might be okay for some boot socks.
IMG_9224 copy


Elspeth said...

So much gorgeous yarn! I actually bought some of their yarn and I think it's so beautiful, but I'm not convinced it's enough to make anything. What is a yarn coop anyway?

Monica said...

Woah. I bought 4 colorways, and 3 of them are the same as yours! In fact the first three you list. :) And the 4th one is similar to the last one you listed.