Monday, February 20, 2006

Self Portait Tuesday

Another entry for "All of Me"...which should be called "uglee me".

These are obviously my footsies, one of my least favorite body parts. I have what I consider to be quite uglee feet. When I was a kid, my friends used to tease me because my toes were so long. Plus I have *shudder* hairy toes. (The things we cop to on the internet!) To top off the foot uglees, my heels get really dried and cracked during the summer. So attractive.

You'll also notice my footsies are propped up on a lovely pile of laundry. There are many such piles in my house- mostly in our bedroom and in my closet. I'm a terrible laundress. I never have a problem putting clothes into the machine, but folding them is another story. Most of the time clothes go straight from the drier into a basket- there to loiter till I get around to needing them. Inevitably they are soooo wrinkly by the time I pick them out of the pile, they're unwearable. So instead of ironing them, I wash them again.

That's right, I wash clean clothes.

I told you it was uglee.


Anonymous said...

I, too, suffer from UFS (Uglee Foot Syndrome). My particular affliction is two toes that are somewhat "webbed" LOL!...