Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drill Box Spotting!

Guess what came in the mail today?
cute wrapping

I'm the next recipient of the drill box from Yarn Aboard! Woot! The box came all the way from Catherine in Texas and was disguised in the cute wrapping paper above. Wanna see what was in it? I know you do:
The goods from Yarn Aboard!

*coconut wash (mmmmm smells gooood)
*fun knitty themed note cards
*sock yarn...closeup:
Cherry Tree HillJoselyn's Fiber Farm Sock Yarn
Cherry Tree Hill on the left and Joselyn's Fiber Farm on the right

*two fun sock patterns that I don't have:

I LOVE the colors of the sock yarn! I think the pink-y yarn will be next up on the needles. Thanks so much for the lovely package, Catherine!

Now I'm off to repack the drill box and send it on its way....

***ETA: The Dearest came home from work and stopped in his tracks when he saw the Drill Box on the kitchen table. I was busy cooking dinner so I was a little surprised when he asked me if I'd gotten a new drill.

Me: "New what?" (while simultaneously cutting up some meat, divyying out the veggies and flipping potatoes)
The Dearest: "When did you buy a new drill?"
Me: "I didn't!" (not realizing what he's talking about)
The Dearest: "Then what's that?" (pointing at the box)
Me: (lightbulb moment) "Ohhhhhh...I didn't buy a drill..."
The Dearest: (opening the box and looking perplexed) "Why is there yarn in here?!?"

So then I had to 'splain the whole blogger penchent for swapping and yarn and...well...*you* all know what I'm talking about! He is still a little bemused by my explaination, but I think he's just glad I didn't *buy* more yarn. *grin*


amanda said...

Pretty pretty yarn! And I love that Badcaul pattern. It is in the queue of "must knit" patterns. Thanks for taking part in this swap Sheree!

Karen said...

What a great package! Everything is really nice. I LOVE the Joselyn's Fiber Farm yarn. Yum!

Catherine Kerth said...

i am glad you like the goodies :)