Sunday, April 09, 2006

Project Spectrum knitting

Last year, in a fit of dye-craziness, I handpainted some sock yarn and came up with this:

I found it again during the Flash Your Stash photoshoot and thought, "Ah ha! Yellow and orange! Perfect for April's Project Spectrum!" After winding it into a delicious little yarn cake, I decided to make some socks (cuz who doesn't need a pair of orange and yellow socks?). Last night I sat down and tried several different lace-ish patterns before realizing that the varigation was too strong for lace. So back to my tried and true cuff down socks with ribbing:

project spectrum socks

***cuteness alert***

Lil'Man came downstairs yesterday evening and brought me something he'd made:
"Momma, this will remember me to you" says Lil'Man.


Christie said... cutie pie!
I'm digging the diagonal stripiness you've got going on there. ;)

amanda said...

What a sweetie! And the colors in that socks are wonderful :O)

Elspeth said...

Where do they get these memorable statements?! The sock looks great!