Thursday, April 13, 2006

teeeny tiny worm

There is a planter box in our backyard that, pre-kids, had lots of flowers and veggies growing it. When I had to start nurturing children instead of plants, the garden and planter box took a big hit. Nothing's grown in the box in the last few years except for some exceptionally delicious renengade tomato plants and a very hardy tree rose that refuses to die.

Every so often I stare out the back window and think "I should really fix up that planter box with some flowers or a pond or sumfin." Considering that the planter is a focal point in our backyard and is visible from every window on the back of our house, it would be wonderful to fix it up. The Dearest is pushing to install a small pond & waterfall back there to give us some soft water noise.

Unfortunately, I think Little Man would object to any project we start. Despite the fact that he has a perfectly good sandbox, he prefers playing in the dirt of the planter box. His favorite thing to do is get water out of the hose and make a huge muddy puddle to play in. He can spend an hour or more just pushing the dirt around with his child-sized gardening tools, burying and digging up whatever buried treasure a nearly-four-year-old can come up with.

Here's what he found a few days ago, after some heavy rains:

all boy

"Momma, I found a little teeeny tiny worm friend!"


Liz K. said...

My kids have "wormy friends" too. The lift up all the rocks around our flower beds and talk to the worms. This takes many hours daily, while I can sit and knit on the stoop!

Anonymous said...

Aaawww. I love that he called it his friend!

Christie said...

Well, you could always let LM be the caretaker of said plants...he could still play and and bury [seeds] and water and dig [up weeds]!

HomeJewel said...

I love this picture - the clear, close-up worm and blurry son in the background, the angle, everything! I'm going to have to try that!