Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wot! More Posting?

Sewing is SO MUCH FASTER than knitting. Behold:

new pants

click images for a bigger view

Inspired by Kathleen and Hillary, I decided to make Little Man some new play pants. He recently went thru a major growth spurt and now most of his pants are too short. I tried to buy new pants, but if they're long enough to cover his ankles, they're too big in the waist. So I took some quick measurements and went to town with some clearance fabric and the sewing machine. An hour and half later: new pants! I thought they'd be too long, but they fit him perfectly. The next pair will have to be longer and wider in the leg. I'll also put pockets on both sides (per his request).

And on the knitting front, remember my cursed Jaywalkers? The ones I thought I'd never finish? Well, finish them I did (despite the fact they didn't fit). A week or so ago, I was hanging out with Michelle and she tried one on- it turns out that they fit her perfectly! So now Michelle has a new pair of socks and I'm finally DONE with them!!!


amanda said...

Adorable pants! And an even cuter boy! Kudos to you for finishing the Jaywalkers and setting them free.

Juls said...

those pants are great! I may never learn to sew as I'm afraid of the stashing problem too :)