Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wee !

I'm a big fan of Hillary's blog and her work, which always has a sense of whimsy about it. Since I've been hooked on sewing lately, I printed out the free "Wee Bunny" pattern to make a softie for Monkey Boy (who hasn't gotten one yet). I went searching thru my fabric stash, which I found exceptionally uninspiring. It's been *a long time* since I bought any fabric (I've been too busy acquiring yarn). Then I received an email from Michelle about a sale at the local quilt shop....dumped the kiddos on the Dearest and went shopping. Here are the spoils (click for bigger images):

sale fabrics
sale fabrics, $3 and $4 a yard
Love that middle pink one, very Amy Butler-ish

retro fabrics
some fun, retro fabrics...check out the 'spirograph' one!(2nd from the left)

some chenille for more softies

Then I came home and made this:
wee bunnywee bunny

ETA: The web addy for the quilt shop. :) Did I mention that I signed up for a class on Log Cabin quilting? I used to quilt years ago and recently decided that I needed to make a quilt (like this) out of the boys' baby clothes. The class will be a good refersher course for me, and hopefully I don't start hoarding fabric the way I hoard yarn.



Noeysmommy said...

How cute! I love your new fabrics. What fabric store did you go to?

Christie said...

Where is the quilt shop Share! Share! Share!

Christie said...

thanks for the addy...the little softy looks like a fabric peep! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love the spirograph one! I have to post pictures of my fabric stash additions, too.

I love all the softies you've been making. Thanks for the link to Hilary's site. It might inspire me a bit...

amanda said...

Love it! Your little softy is adorable :o)