Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"almost, but not quite" & other randomness

"almost, but not quite"- Well, I was really hoping to finish three pair of socks for Socktoberfest. I *almost* made it:

Last pair of socktoberfest socks
These are Little Man's Tiger Stripe socks. I'm about two inches away from the final toe decreases, but today is officially the last day of Socktoberfest. Maybe I can squeeze the last sock out tonight while watching Law and Order CI/SVU??? Depends on how many kids come for Trick or Treating, I guess.

We'll probably be heading out for TOTing early tonight. Monkey Boy is supposed to be taking his afternoon nap right now but instead I can hear him thumping and thudding in his room. He's probably playing with his blocks or swinging from the ceiling fan.

"other randomness"-
-look at my new Gelaskin:
my new gelskin
Isn't it cool? Love love love it.

-another bauble:
another bauble
another bauble
I made this one out of two different green glass beads, sterling jump rings & head pins. It's more bulky than the other necklace, but the colors are fun and different. I've been wearing the pink and brown necklace nearly every day since I made it- it's so comfy that I don' t even notice that it's there.

-today was my last day of "mommy and me" swim classes with Monkey Boy. I've been trying to get him into semi-private lessons (where I don't have to get into the pool) for the past couple of months. It's been difficult cuz I'm trying to get a time where both MB and Little Man will be taking their lessons simultaneously, plus fit around LM's preschool schedule. Then today I got a lucky break- while chatting with one of the instructors in the pool, she mentioned that she had an empty slot that was just perfect. So next week MB will be heading into the pool all by himself...and I might actually get to knit while he & LM are swimming! Woot!

-and a Happy Halloween to everyone!


Juls said...

I blew the Socktoberfest deadline...and just started on socks for my little guy. Love how your tiger socks are turning out. So cute!