Sunday, October 29, 2006

neighborhood punkin carving party

We live in the coolest neighborhood. Our street is all cul-de-sacs and there are many families with children in the same age bracket. The kids are always outside playing together under the watchful eyes of moms and dads. Every year for the past two years we've had a New Year's Eve progressive dinner, which means we go from house to house eating the whole way. The Fourth of July and Labor Day are excuses for blocks parties where we rent a jumphouse or waterslide. Kids are always coming and going into each others' homes for impromptu playdates. We are so lucky to live in a neighborhood with so many cool people.

Today, we had a fun little gathering to carve pumpkins. One of our neighbors laid a big tarp out on their driveway, another neighbor brought over delicious cupcakes and yet another neighbor showed up with yummy cookies. I brought paint and crafts to keep the kids busy while the adults carved up the hapless squash.

The Dearest and Little Man worked together to make a "Wubbzy" pumpkin:

helping daddy carve

Meanwhile, Monkey Boy was enjoying himself immensely with the paint:

Many cupcakes were consumed:
all hail the cupcake!

Much paint was smeared:


And everyone had a grand time:

(more photos here if you're interested)

On the digiscrapping front, here's a layout I just did for Monkey Boy:
My Boy

I'm still working on the digiscrapping tutorial. I'm trying to figure out how detailed I should get...hopefully it'll be up later this week. Everyone have a good Monday!