Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sockoberfest socks #2

Socktoberfest is in full swing over at Lolly's blog and even though I haven't officially joined, I figured I would play along.

So here is the start of my second pair of Socktoberfest socks:
more socktoberfest socks
It's the "Waving Lace" pattern from Spring 2004 IK. I'm using Autermann Step in color 10. I love the colors in this yarn- lots of pinks and sage greens with a little bit of purple and khaki thrown in to keep it from getting too girly. I'm almost done with sock #1- I'm probably about an inch or so from starting the toe decreases. It's going quickly cuz I'm not really knitting on anything else right now. Hopefully I'll get the pair done in time for the end of the Socktoberfest!


jill said...

Am curious about the Step yarn...that's the one with aloe and something else, right? Do your hands feel greasy or slippery after knitting with it? The colors are just beautiful!

Leigh said...

Those are lovely! I like the colors. The self-stripe and the lace look well together, too. Its got a very organic look to it.

Karen said...

That's a pretty colorway!

Janet said...

Oooh, I have that Step colorway. that looks like a great pattern for it. I like the subtle silkiness you can feel in the yarn and then on your hands. It must be soothing to knit with.