Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wot!? Another FO for Socktoberfest!

And here y'all prolly thought I'd up and died or something. Nope, it wasn't anything serious keeping me from blogging this past week. Just a lot of little things like school for Lil Man, lots of work for the Dearest, etc.. I've also been getting back into digiscrapping. I usually blog while Monkey Boy is napping and LM is off at preschool, but this week I pounded out a page a day of scrapping while MB napped. It would be so nice to be totally caught up with all my scrapbooking and at this rate it might just happen. Here's another page I did recently:

ball popper

And I DO have some knitting to show for my absence-
Waving Lace socks, fin

FO Report:
Socktoberfest socks #2
Waving Lace Socks, Spring 2004 IK
Yarn: Austermann Step, Color 10
I followed the pattern exactly (what a change!). Though I think I did the toe decreases my usual way instead of how the pattern goes. It's easy to remember the repeats and after a few rounds I didn't need to look at the magazine anymore.
The finished socks fit perfectly, tho I thought they were too tight at first. The lace stretches nicely and they don't fall down so now they're just right.

I'm also getting started on what will be my 3rd pair of Socktoberfest socks...if I finish them in time!


amanda said...

Love the socks! And the what the hell big boulder have I been living under? I've tons of stuff I've been meaning to scrapbook and hate it because you have to get out all the stuff and then put it back up but digital I can do. Thanks for the inspiration!

HomeJewel said...

Wow - that scrapbook page is sooo cool! Did you use a specific program? Is it hard?

HPNY Knits said...

love the socks. I really enjoyed the austeman step yarn, and this is a lovely way to show it!

kimberly said...

Oh that digiscrapping is sooo cool. I would like to know what program you used too. And those socks are soooo fab!! Great job! I love the pattern.

jesperanda said...

Lovely! I've done one sock from the same pattern. I used a semi-solid yarn because I was concerned whether the patterning would be lost in a multicolored yarn ... doesn't seem to be a problem, in striping yarn.